Quick chat with Konrad Tollmar

1. Working in the area of UX and HMI, what are the most exciting developments in the industry at the moment?

AR and AI together with 5G will radically change how we access and use digital information.

2. Where do you see the main achievements over the last few years?

Apps and mobile services has certainly been a game changer in our digital everyday life. Now, over the last couple of years we seen the emerging development of other connected devices. Simplified access through AI services like Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, and Google Home this will drive this further.

3. In your personal view, where do the main challenges for the industry lies?


A fundamental road block is the walled ecosystems where the dominant actors keep lock in users. Industry must be more willing to develop and utilize open platforms and API's, this will also boost innovations.

4. How does the digital revolution fit into the vehicle‘s life-cycle?

I guess there is two different takes here. First mobility will develop as a service and ownership less important. Secondly, on a more technical note manufactures also need work on modular solutions that enable a more sustainable fleet of vehicle's in the future, ie electronics need to be able to be replaceable as batteries and other components.

5. What is your opinion about the usage of AR in the car today? Can AR improve the user experience?

There are many uses of AR in a car. One key aspect that we bring forward in our presentation is on trust. By visualize how the car reason and see things we can demonstrate that user acceptance can increase.