Quick chat with Dr. Daniel Dreyer

We have recently caught up with Dr. Daniel Dreyer of Airbus whom will be presenting at our Intuitive Vehicles event here in Berlin. Find out what he has to say on the topic of Intuitive Vehicles.


1. Working in the area of UX and HMI, what are the most exciting developments in the industry at the moment?

Brain computer interfaces and user state monitoring

2. Where do you see the main achievements over the last few years?

The acceptance of human factors engineering as part of the industrial design process.

3. In your personal view, where do the main challenges for the industry lies?

The respect for privacy of customers and ensuring data security

4. How does the digital revolution fit into the vehicle's life-cycle?

The aircraft life-cycles are very different to automotive life-cycle. Digitalisation is key for long life-cycle support.

5. What is your opinion about the usage of AR in the car today? Can AR improve the user experience?

AR is tool like any other. If we can solve a problem, fine let's use it. If we have solution (=AR) and are now looking for a problem, then we should avoid it. Maybe we can use AR in autonomous driving vehicles in order to create acceptability and trust in system performance. Using AR for entertainment is boring...