Intrepid Delta delivers strategic, senior-level events that bring together a selected network of experts from the automotive industry. We produce and manage leading B2B conferences, workshops and curated content.



What We Do



Join our network of industry leading experts and build relationships that are base on experience and knowledge exchange.



Gain access to a curated collection of content created by experts. White papers, interviews, trend reports, insider perspectives and much more.


“Well organized, perfect place! Very professional conference with a great atmosphere which is encouraged by the team. Additionally, I think that the concept of the round tables are great - this really supports socializing.”



Our Events


Dive into the challenges and trends focusing mostly on human-machine interaction and user experience in the automotive industry.


Learn from key industry players, renowned research institutions and startups about the potential of new imaging, perception and AI technologies.


The unique safety requirements for autonomous cars are undoubtedly a great challenge. Learn more on the emergence of new international standards.


Take the opportunity to directly dive into the challenges and trends focusing mostly on optimizing manufacturing processes with data in the automotive industry.



"The Intrepid Delta Team - I was sure that it will be a good and uselful conference!"

- Bosch Engineering GmbH